Noam Rosenberg
This is NORO
Born out of a true passion for materials, forming and shaping the raw into a usable object.
Noro is a brand of common art - the kind of art that finds its way to your space in an unofficial way. but with a kind, inviting and heartwarming approach.
My name is Noam Rosenberg - sculpting in clay in the last 20 years, live in Israel with my kid. Inspired by the urban environment, architecture, views, and life itself. My work as a graphic designer has given me the experience of building out of nothing, treat each task or thought as a clear canvas to every desire, initiative or a solution I would like to make. I invite people to touch, feel, fill and turn every one of my pieces -make it their own and align it with their Point of view.
Each NORO piece contains a piece of this belief and I truly hope you will share it with me.